Getting SQRs to Publish to the RDS/Report Manager Everytime

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In short if you want a process's output to appear in the RDS it has to end up residing in the same folder that is created for the process at run-time.

For this example we are going to be producing a .ltr file using an SQR process called 'PROCNAME'. In the end we want a file path like this, where 501 is the Process Instance number:


Note that up to "log_output' is most likely going to be a system variable, set in something like setfile.sqc so it can be modified for each environment.

Note that the folder name (SQR_PROCNAME_501) must be in this format, where 'SQR' is the Process Type, 'PROCNAME' is the Process Name and '501' is the Process Instance Number.

The file name syntax is the same as the folder name (although at time of writing I think you may actually be able to get away with whatever file name you please).

Update: It appears App Engines require the files to be in the strict format "AE_ProcName_ProcInstance.*" where * is an extension. This was working when output type was Web/TXT.

The SQR code looks something like this:

#DEFINE FILEPREFIX e:\psoft8\he900d9a\appserv\prcs\HE90D9A\log_output\

! Folder
Move '{FILEPREFIX}' to $fileName
Concat 'SQR_PROCNAME_' with $fileName
Concat $prcs_process_instance with $fileName
Concat '\' with $fileName

! File.
Concat 'PROCNAME_' with $fileName
Concat $prcs_process_instance with $fileName
Concat '.LTR' with $fileName

New-Report $fileName