The Registry - Registering Interfaces

For following error message:

"HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Utilities.ServiceManager.OnExecute Name:LocateService PCPC:1612 Statement:37 Called from:SCC_PERSON_SOA_CONSUMER.PersonServiceConsumer.SCC_PersCitizenshipConsumer.OnExecute Name:getData Statement:6 Called from:CITIZEN_PASSPORT.GBL.PostBuild Statement:5 not found in the registry (18137,5)

The PeopleCode program executed an Error statement, which has produced this message."


PeopleBooks > PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS 9.0 Application Fundamentals PeopleBook > Registering Interfaces

Which leads to:

Set Up HRMS > System Administration > HCM Registry > Service Registry
Click the 'Refresh Cache' button: