Who is SamDestroy?

To get around the SamDestroy error when comparing projects from file go to Config Manager, Remote Call/AE Tab, and check the Shared Flags "Disable DB Stats" checkbox and you should be fine.

This seems to only be an issue for DB2.

James Court Medina Apartments, Canberra

As an I.T. contractor I am required to work in different cities, sometimes 3 different contracts/year and 3 different cities.

I am writing a short review of James Court Medina apartments in Canberra to partially vent my frustration, and I know Google will probably pick up this post : )

I did some thinking last night, all the places I had ever lived in, including my first slum/sharehouse as a teenager. James Court Medina is actually the worst apartment I have ever lived in, ever. Including addresses in Russia. DO NOT LIVE HERE. At least my slums had one or two appealing factors, like the beach being across the road or price. They all had a working shower.

1. Location. You will not sleep. Take a look at the location on a map. That is the intersection of two major roads. The car noise is actually fine, it is the trucks that will rob you of any sleep. They compression brake in to those traffic lights all morning, starting at about 4am. BRRRRRRR-rrrrrr-RRRRRR-SQUEEEEEEEEK. You will jump awake the first few times. It's best to go to bed around 8pm in anticipation of being woken very early.

2. Heating. I arrived here in Spring and even then the heater in the living room, a split system from the late 80's, was insufficient to heat the room. I spent weeks watching television in thermals and a beanie. I'd hate to see what it's like in winter. You could turn the fridge off I'm sure.

3. Condition. Nothing has been updated since it was built in the late 80's early 90's. I opened my windows one afternoon and now two weeks later they are still stuck open. I'm still waiting for them to be fixed. This is just lovely at night when a 6 degree wind blows through, My lounge room is now like a fridge. Also, as I mentioned, NO maintenance has been done since the aprtments were built. I had to decalcify the shower heads myself.

4. Price. Seriously WTF? Look elsewhere. I know for a fact that for an extra $50/week you can have lake views and a marble kitchen. The only reason I moved in here was because I was extremely unlucky with my timing, and there was nothing else available. I regret my decision.

To Summarise: LOOK ELSEWHERE. DO NOT LIVE AT James Court Medina, Canberra.

P.S. The fire alarm went off yesterday afternoon. I could hear it from the lounge room but I could not hear it from the bedroom, even though I knew it was ringing. Dodgy.