Help! No Matching Buffer Error - How to start.

Definately the most irritating error I come across, the "No matching buffer" error. I find this especially irritating as PeopleTools has found the error but refuses to give you any clue as to which scroll/data combination is causing it.

Sometimes the problem can be quickly identified by looking through the data in the component, for example a drop down box may be showing 'invalid value', which could lead you quickly to the offending data.

But how to actually get into the component to take a look around? That damn error message is stopping you from opening the component.

Ctrl + J. Pressing this combination displays information about the component. The magic bit is that by clicking 'continue', or Ctrl + J again, the component will open complete with the data that is valid.

A simple, obvious but useful start to tracking down the cause of the dreaded "no matching buffer" error. If you can quickly identify where the problem may be by looking for clues in the component you can save a lot of time, frustration and especially boredom by not having to troll through a potentially large and complex component, page-by-page, scroll-by-scroll.