Data Integrity Error

Data Integrity Error (124,85)

The data structure from the page does not match the data structure in the database.

This error often appears after you've made a change to the Component. As a developer you see it all the time and just reload the Component.

However, on some rare occasions it appears out of nowhere for a given Component. And it won't go away. And there's no reason for it. And you've been forced to search the web for an answer, and now you're reading this sentence like approximately one person per day does. Hello.

Run a trace file for each SQL statement.

You'll need to log out and back in again, this time via the link for tracing on the log in page. If you can't see it go ask your friendly infrastructure team to/how to enable it.

Trace each SQL statement and then search the trace file for 'deserialization integrity failure'. This will point you to the object that is causing the issue.

What's happened is that the version number on the object, and the version number on Table PSVERSION no longer match. There is an inconsistency between PeopleSoft's list of latest versions of objects and the version as reported on the object.

This can be fixed in two ways:

1) by running the AppEngine VERSION, or

2) If you want a quick fix and you don't mind having your ID as the last person that updated the object, you can simply open the object causing trouble, make any minor change to it, save it, and now the versions will match up again.

More detail here: