Stealth Migrations

Run the SQL below to check for any Record Fields that may be contained in NS_XXX records. These will need to be replaced/removed to ensure they do not get migrated to the CS9 environments (stealth migration).

select distinct r.projectname, r.objectvalue1, rf.fieldname from
(select distinct projectname, objectvalue1
 from psprojectitem p
 where p.objectvalue1 in (select distinct objectvalue1 prj1
                          from psprojectitem prj1
                          where prj1.projectname like 'NS%'
                          and prj1.objecttype = 0
                          and prj1.projectname = p.projectname)
) r,
psrecfield rf
where r.objectvalue1 = rf.recname
and rf.fieldname in (select distinct rf.fieldname
                     from psrecfieldall rf
                     where rf.recname in (select distinct b.objectvalue1
                                          from psprojectitem b
                                          where b.objecttype = 0)
                    and rf.fieldname not like 'NS%'
select d1.fieldname from psdbfield@NSFLDCHK.UNSW.EDU.AU d1);