Posting CommGen to Report Manager

As delivered Communication Generation (CommGen) produces the final, merged output of letters on the Server. There is no way to configure it to send to Report Manager or Process Monitor.

However, there is an easy fix.

Each Process Instance has its own directory made at run-time, and all files in that directory are published to Process Monitor and Report Manager. We just need to make a simple tweak to create the Merged File Output in the process's Process Instance directory instead of the file destination directory as defined on the Run Control (by the way it would pay to modify the run control accordingly as well; hide the now unused File Output field etc.).

Application Package SCC_COMMGEN:Model:CommGen

/* This method merges all the communications that have been generated so far */
method MergeCommunications


   rem &sFileDestination = &rsRunCtlParms(1).SCC_CG_RUNCTL.FILE_PATH.Value;
   &sFileDestination = "log_output/AE_SCC_COMMGEN_" | &ProcessInstance;

Just change the one line, as above. This will have the merged file go to Report Manager and Process Monitor instead of a directory on the server. I suspect this issue may be a left over from version 7, where users could run on the client and have it appear on their local drive.


Brad Holcomb said...

Hi Michael, thanks for this info! So then the user does not select any output destination on the runcontrol page? This generates "Warning -- Output is not directed to File or Printer."